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What is Xeriscape?

Our design guidelines are founded on the principles of xeriscape. Why xeriscape? For most of the western United States over fifty percent of residential water used is applied to landscape and lawns. Xeriscape is a system of principles that can reduce landscape water use by 60% or more. These principles integrate design and plan, efficient irrigation, practical lawn areas, proper plant use, mulching and good maintenance.
Efficient water use doesn't mean changing our lifestyle or living without lawn areas where our children can play. It means reducing water waste, such as improper irrigation, and finding ways to achieve attractive, comfortable landscapes without excess water use.

For example, if you have a steep slope that is impossible to mow or irrigate without run off, let the professionals at Colorado Vista Landscape Design plant a bed of groundcover that will retain the soil and provide color at a very low maintenance cost.
Your landscape is an investment in your comfort and in the value of your property. A good xeriscape will increase your property's value by as much as 15%. Xeriscape can also reduce water and maintenance costs by up to 60%. Ridding yourself of unwanted edging and trimming will also increase your outdoor pleasure by a priceless percentage.

How Xeriscaping Works?

Xeriscape helps extend water supply. When water use is restricted, inefficient water-thirsty landscapes suffer first. Protect your landscape investment by drought-proofing it. Place your trees, shrubs and perennials in beds that can be effectively watered by drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation promotes healthy plant growth using the right amount of water versus drowning them by turf sprays. Water districts not only restrict the irrigation of turf during drought but also allow proper drip irrigation of trees and plants to protect our urban forests.
Water your lawn separately from your beds and water when needed. Adjust your irrigation clocks during cooler times of the year and use rain sensors to prevent over watering when mother nature is at work.
Proper selection of plants that thrive in our soils and the conditions that occur in your landscape (micro climates) provide you with year round color and interest without wasting water and without all the fuss creating lower maintenance landscapes.
The use of patios, decks, seating areas, walkways, and even water features that promote pollinator and provide wildlife habitat are all considered xeriscape elements and increase the functionality, enjoyment and circulation of your landscape.
Using xeriscape principles you'll find your maintenance decreases by measurable hours compared to a traditional landscape. Mowing is easier, plants are healthier, and weeds are reduced. Other beneficial factors include lower water bill, a sustainable landscape that provides year round color and interest, and free time to enjoy your landscape and all the outdoor activities Colorado provides.

Xeriscaping Projects

It was our pleasure working with the Nelson's to design their back yard into a park and prairie like setting. A small back yard, 2835 sq ft, appears to be much larger with walking paths that visit garden islands filled with xeric and native plants.

The plants are small now, but when they mature the landscape will be filled with color and textures that enhance the theme. Other wonderful installations were carried out by our skilled team at Showcase Landscape and Irrigation of Loveland.
Call us at 970-231-3088 for our xeriscaping services.
"Tanya Fisher of Colorado Vista Landscape Design created and arranged for installation of a beautiful native, drought-tolerant, xeriscape landscape at my new home in Fort Collins. I told her what I wanted and she carried it out beyond my wildest expectations! She did the front and back yards of my house. The builder-installed sod, that was exactly like every other house on the street, was removed and a beautiful dry creek bed with a flagstone walkway with gorgeous plants and trees were put in! I couldn't be happier and have been receiving numerous compliments from many people, including the builder of this development! I am forever thankful to Tanya for the outstanding look and outdoor space she created for me to enjoy with my family!"

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