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Nurture Wildlife in Your Yard With Beautiful Wildscaping


Wildscaping is creating healthy, diverse habitats that include native plantings to feed, shelter, and nurture wild creatures. It is backyard stewardship that creates healthy, diverse habitats that feed, shelter and nurture birds, butterflies and other wild creatures.
Habitat heroes are people who practice a form of landscape stewardship called “wildscaping,” landscaping designed to provide habitat for wildlife, large and small. Whether the landscape you tend is a home yard, a few pots on a balcony, a public park or schoolyard garden, or a farm or orchard, habitat heroes believe in growing a healthy community.
Colorado Vista Landscape Design is a proud extension of Habitat Hero in that we design wildlife habitat landscapes and can help you become a Habitat Hero!
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"A garden can be a pleasure, a personal sanctuary that nurtures and sustains you, even as you nurture it. A garden can bring you home, reconnecting you to the intricate community of life that animates this beautiful earth, our home." 

– Susan J. Tweit, The Rocky Mountain Garden Survival Guide.
Be A Habitat Hero
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