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Colorado Vista Landscape Design, Inc., specializes in developing high quality and sustainable landscape design plans for new and existing residential landscapes, commercial and HOA properties by transforming landscapes into functional, well-designed and beautiful outdoor spaces to be enjoyed by families, friends, clients and pets.  


Using design principles of natural landscaping and xeriscape our plans help you to conserve water and reduce maintenance. Our in-depth knowledge of plant material that thrives in our area provides your vista with year-round color and interest.


In addition, maintenance is a priority of our design strategy.  Reducing homeowner or commercial maintenance benefits everyone by reducing cost and time spent up keeping a property.


Our services are tailored to meet both the individual needs of each of our clients and the requirements of our unique high desert environment and include:


  • Personal consultation to determine landscape functional and aesthetic requirements. 


  • Designs that balance requirements and budgets.


  • Guidelines for installing your landscape in phases as time and budget allow.


  • Our designs are personalized and customized to meet your Colorado lifestyle requirements, aesthetic values and support our environment.


  • We approach your project as a partnership and involve you in every step of the design and plan development process. 


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